Monday, December 21, 2009

Note From Customer

Dear Mr. Becker son and who hand out money to junk selling customers. So sin I am always giving White and Black Peoples a room at my house and all While they was unemployed and homeless and shared my food with them and they treated me wring as hell. So this is a very urgent and emergency letter and I need help desperately and so I begg you to please read all of my letter and as quick as possible.

(Sheet number 1 explanation)
Dear Mr. Becker son and who hand out money and for junk;
So in transpiration I been coming to your junk yard for a long time and there is something that you all don’t know about me and as one of your regular customers also you ought to know I am getting some kind of income and just be me keep on buying all kinds of pretty and fancy clothes.

(Sheet number 2)
So I am 67 years old and I get a $810.00 social security check and on the third of the month and I never have over two hundred left and every month and out of a $810.00 check and because ala power and bham water works and alagasco and telephone bill and house rent is not the only creditors that I have and so they take to much of my monthly check and so that’s why I grabmy grocery buggy and hussle up junk to sell. Also there is a black money loaning man and who got a business in north Bham and he got houses to rent and also he got 5 working vehicles and plenty of money and I been doing business with him regular and for a long time.

(Sheet number 3)
So every month when I pay this black money loaning man $260.00 to $300.00 back well he always loan me $125.00 back and every month but now the devil done got inside of him and made him to dam low down. So on the 3rd of December I paid him 4260.00 and he jump up and told me that I always want to borrow something back and he done got tired of it and he is not go lend me a dam thing back and so that’s why I aint go have anything to eat and for xmas and also he told me to get out of his truck. So money loan companies told me that I only have to pay $10.79 extra backand for a $60.00 loan and when I am always paying this black man $40.00 extra back and for a $60.00 loan.

(Sheet number 4)
Also this money loan company told me pn phone that I only have to pay back $30.00 extra and for a $150.00 loan and when I pay thi black man much more than that back and yet he done got sick in the head enough to get tired of me. Also this money loan company said that I only have to pay back about $38.00 and for $190.00 loan and when I pay this black to much more than that back and he aint got sense enough to appreciate me. So this black man never told me what to pay him back and because he always ask me what I will pay back and if he agree then he will give me the money.

(Sheet number 5)
So on the third of December I only bought $90.00 worth of grocery and a bag of dog food and for my two dogs and so all of my food is gone. So I was coming to your junk yard regular but now the peoples working on the free way and expanding it and down here by my house done stop throwing away a lots of stuff and for me to get and sell to your junk yard and so now I cant hardly find anything to sell. So now I am going to tell you something that I can prove and if the right peoples come to my house and who know I aint lying. So Mr. Becker son I feed the birds and pigeons and stray dogs and cats and practically every day and also I been giving white and black homeless peoples a room in my house and all while they was homeless and

(Sheet number 6)
Unemployed but still I always take them in anyway and until they got on their feets and they treated me wrong as hell and for giving them a place to stay. So I gave this whit prostitute woman a place to stay twice and so now she done got her checks started back and done got a house and also they gave her a big lump sum of money and she spent it all and didn’t give me a dam thing and she still got the nerves to drop by my house and talk and I never turn her away. Also when I was renting from another realastate I gave a homeless white man a place to stay and then I walk around with him and everyday and helped him to get a job and when he made his first pay day well he wouldn’t come back to my house and to pick up

(Sheet number 7)
His suit case of clothes and he never gave me a dime. Also there was this real old white lady friend of mines and who had no family living and so me and her use to push our grocery buggies to the junk yard together and to sell our stuff. So before this old white lady died well she ask me to wash out her bowel stool filled clothesand in her bath tub and on her rub board. So frankly I don’t like sticking my hands in my own bowel stool but still I went ahead and did this for this old white lady friend of mines and her name was Mrs Lucille H Hill. Also I done told other white business owners about what I did and they was still low down to let me owe them 3, 4, and 5 dollars

(Sheet number 8)
Also Mr. Becker son well one of your big boss employees use to pass my house regular but they never looked at my house or me sitting on the porch. So I am talking about your employee that wear a gun and got all of those smoking pipes and I want a smoking pipe and real bad but he wouldn’t let me have one of his pipes and when you all was insidethat other old building so they don’t sell smoking pipes down town and I want one bad. Also on September 3rd , and 2008 well someone stole over 3hundred dollars worth of my money orders and at piggly wiggly grocery store and in north bham and so western union been done paid me for two of my stolen money orders and long long ago but they still owe me a balance of $315.23 but wont

(Sheet number 9)
Pay me and they keep ignoring all of my letters and wont never write me back. So all 6 of my blank money orders was stolen at the same time but western union only paid me for two of them and they been OWING me a balance of $325.23 and every since sept. 3rd and 2008 and piggly wiggly still selling their money orders. So Mr. Becker son I need you to loan me $25.00 or $30.00 for xmas and to buy food and also I want to welcome you to drive by my house and on 18th street north and down from truck pro and then look ar all of my creative and good sense thinking and in my front yard and front porch and back proch and to see what kind of man is coming to your junk yard.
So for collateral I got a nice electric jig saw and which I need and also I got some nice binnoculars also talk to your employee that wear a gun and see if you can talk him into crediting me over one of his smoking pipes and because I couldn’t find one down town and on check day.

So Dear Mr. Becker son and if the freeway construction peoples was still throwing away a lots of tin and steel daily and so I wouldnt have to worry you and all but since they done stop thowing away stuff and so I cant find anything else to sell to you. My phone no. is 3235871 and my name is Willie.

(1st “from your” )
From your to regular junk selling customer and which is 67 years old Willie and who have two dogs. So I only have 42 minutes left on my cell phone and so my cell phone number is (2153067)

(2nd “from your”)
From your junk selling customer Willie James Mccurdy and at 2516-18th street north.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wildly Behind

Wow. It's been a long time. I seriously thought about starting another blog and ditching this one. But, I got all philosophical and realized I'm too old to call "do over". It might make me feel better to start over rather than admitting I suck at blogging, but it wouldn't change anything. So, I guess I'll live with being a sucky blogger and get on with it...

A summer has come and gone without too much wildness. The highlight was mine and Jon's trip to Costa Rica. Here are some pictures:

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hilarious Heresy

Here's a story my second grade English language learners wrote. The assignment was to write a new version of the Cinderella story. I helped them with the grammar and mechanics, but I swear I didn't feed them ideas. They're very clever kids.

Once upon a time there was a man named Jack Black. He lived in Los Angles, California, with his stepmom and step sisters. His stepmom and step sisters were mean. When they moved into his house, they told Jack to move to the basement so that they could have his room. They were so mean that they left their dishes on the table and Jack Black cleaned them. They took their shoes and threw them at him. They had horses, and Jack asked if he could ride them. His stepsisters said, “No.”
Ashley was a pretty movie star. It was her birthday. She was having a party. At her party, Ashley was going to look for someone to marry. She invited everyone to her castle-like house. Jack’s step sisters would not let him go to Ashley’s party. His step mother said he couldn’t go because he had dirty clothes. Jack was sad.
When Jack’s family leaves, Baby Jesus poofed to Jack’s house. “AHHHH!” Jack screamed. He was scared. “I am Jesus. I am here to grant your wish.” “What?” asked Jack. “Don’t you want something?” asked Jesus. “I want some clothes to go to the party.”
Baby Jesus said, “Boo-pa-boo-pa.” Suddenly, Jack was wearing a black suit and a gold tie. “Now I want a limo with a TV,” said Jack Black. Baby Jesus said, “Boo-pa-boo-pa.” A long black limo with gold rims appeared. Baby Jesus said, “If you don’t come home before midnight, everything will disappear.”
Jack Black went to the party in his limo. When he drove up, an old man walked in front of his car. Jack turned so that he would not hit the man. He crashed through the wall. Everyone stopped dancing and looked. When Jack Black got out of the car, Ashley saw him. She said, “He is the one I am looking for.” She told her mother, “I am in love.”
Ashley and Jack Black danced. Then they kissed. Jack saw that it was 11:59. He ran away because his clothes would disappear. Ashley chased him. He got in his limo and drove as fast as he could. Ashley could not keep up. Suddenly, the car disappeared and Jack went flying through the air.
Ashley went home and cried to her mom. She said, “That is the only boy I have ever liked.” She was so tired and sad that she went to bed. “I will look for him tomorrow and if I don’t find him I will keep looking,” she said.
Jack was hurt and was taken to the hospital. He had a broken leg. He had to walk with crutches.
The next day, Ashley woke up early. She left her house to look for Jack. A boy on a bike threw a paper to Ashley’s house as she walked outside. The paper hit her. She fell down and hit her head on the ground. She was so mad, but then she saw the front of the paper. There was a picture of Jack. The paper told about his crash. It said he was at the hospital.
“I am going to go to the hospital to visit him,” she said to her mother. When she got there she asked Jack if he wanted to get married. “Yes!” he said. They got married. They moved to Mexico to get away from Jack’s stepsisters and stepmom. They had one boy and one girl. They lived happily ever after.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I Heart Cathedral Windows

All you non-quilters (that is typed with all kinds of snobbiness), are so confused right now. The quilt block with which these pillows are constructed is called Cathedral Window and it is my all time favorite block. I love the look of the folded fabric. I've got really big plans for it in the future, but this Christmas, I had to stick with simple and quick projects. Hence, lots of single block pillows for grandmas and sisters-in-laws. I made my mom and Jon's mom table runners with the same block, but don't have pictures of those. Here's a close up of the block.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sew Spot

This was once a pretty pitiful looking old sewing table that my aunt found in the garage of her lake house. You'll have to take my word for it regarding its previous condition, because I forgot to get a before shot. My dad worked his carpentry magic on it. (I helped a little). And now, it is a beautiful piece that fits perfectly in my tiny hall and provides a place for me to display and store a bit of my quilting.

I have indeed been doing more quilting... well, I did before Christmas. I'll share the results with you soon.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Holiday Adventures

Jon and I went...

over the river (literally)
From Thanksgiving 2008

and through the woods (make that cow pasture)
From Thanksgiving 2008

to get our Christmas tree.
From Thanksgiving 2008

It was a wild adventure. We're finally living up to our blog name, and here's the result.
From Chrstmas 2008

Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Comes Early

Our mayor was arrested this morning and I was happy.I guess the sackcloth meeting actually worked. We are getting criminals off the street.